Séminaire d’histoire des mathématiques

Responsable: Rossana Tazzioli (UMR Painlevé, CNRS/Université Lille 1)


fleche rougeProchaine séance : jeudi 18 juin 2015 à 12h

Clemence Montelle (University of Cantebury, New Zeland) : Highlights from the History of Mathematics in Sanskrit Sources


Université Lille 1, Bâtiment M3, salle de Visioconférence


Mathematics in the Indian subcontinent and related disciplines have been flourishing for over two and a half millennia, and this culture of inquiry has produced insights and techniques that are central to many of our scientific practices today, such as the base ten decimal place value system and trigonometry. Indeed, many of the technical procedures that emerged in the area, such as infinite series expansions for various mathematical relations predated those that were developed with the advent of the Calculus, but notably in contrasting intellectual circumstances with distinctly different epistemic priorities. We examine some of the features of this tradition and the context in which they flourished.


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Florence THILL (2015, 14 juin). Séminaire d’histoire des mathématiques. STL- ACTUALITES. Consulté le 25 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/ul0s

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