Journées d’études « Objets en tous genres / Objects of all kinds »

Responsables : Tero Tulenheimo et Giuseppina Ronzitti

Organisateur : Matthieu Gallais


fleche rougeJeudi 22 mai et vendredi 23 mai 2014



flechejaune_droite_70site des journées

Université Lille 3, Bât. B, salle Danielle Corbin (B1.661)

The concept of object is one of the most general concepts in philosophy. On the one hand, we may be interested in the general question of what it is to be an object. On the other hand, we face the problem of delineating the criteria of objecthood in connection with specialized topics, giving rise to specific questions on what it is to be an object of a certain kind (such as concrete, abstract, indeterminate, mathematical, etc.)

Accepting or refusing things of a certain kind as legitimate objects (of that particular kind) when developing a scientific theory or a philosophical position is likely to have important general repercussions. It is therefore of particular interest to investigate different theories by asking: (a) What is its underlying view on objects? (b) What are the grounds for such a view? (c) What are the consequence to which the view leads? (d) Does the theory itself take an explicit stance on the above three questions?

In our workshop we wish to investigate the notion of object, both generally and in relation to particular fields of research. The emphasis is on the grounds and consequences of specific views on objects.

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