Nouvelle parution : S. Caroti, J. Celeyrette, S. Kirschner, E. Mazet (eds.)


Stefano Caroti, Jean Celeyrette, Stefan Kirschner, Edmond Mazet (eds.), Nicole Oresme, Questiones super Physicam (Books I-VII), Leiden-Boston, Brill (Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, Band 112), 2013. XLIV-853 p. ISBN : 978-90-04-23637-0.

Among the commentaries on Aristotle’s Physics produced by medieval masters in the 14th Century, Oresme’s is one of the most interesting. The main problems of natural philosophy (motion, time, intension and remission of forms) as well as cognitive and ontological issues are widely discussed.

Oresme proposes original solutions to most of these topics, based on an original view concerning the relationship between substance and its properties (condicio/condiciones, modi rerum); Oresme’s solutions are always associated with sharp criticism of the two main philosophical schools: the realists (Walter Burley) and the nominalists (William Ockham). This commentary is a very valuable record of the philosophical discussions at Paris in the midst of the 14th Century.

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