Nouvelle parution : LEUS 24



Pombo, O.; Torres, J.M.; Symons, J.; Rahman, S. (Eds.), Special Sciences and the Unity of Science (coll. “Logic Epistemology and the Unity of Science” (LEUS), 24), Springer Verlag, 2012, 299 p.

ISBN 978-94-007-2029-9


Unique work on the tension between unity and specialization in science
Provocative questions to test the hypothesis of science unification from a interdisciplinary perspective.For example: is Evolutionary Biology part of Computer Science?
Offers a set of case-studies in favour of the Unity of Science

Science is a dynamic process in which the assimilation of new phenomena, perspectives, and hypotheses into the scientific corpus takes place slowly. The apparent disunity of the sciences is the unavoidable consequence of this gradual integration process. Some thinkers label this dynamical circumstance a ‘crisis’. However, a retrospective view of the practical results of the scientific enterprise and of science itself, grants us a clear view of the unity of the human knowledge seeking enterprise. This book provides many arguments, case studies and examples in favor of the unity of science. These contributions touch upon various scientific perspectives and disciplines such as: Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Economics.

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