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Ilse Depraetere (ed.), Perspectives on translation quality, Berlin-Boston, De Gruyter Mouton (coll. Text, Translation, Computational Processing, 9), 2011. 273 p. ISBN : 978-3-11-025984-1.


The volume is a collection of papers that deal with the issue of translation quality from a number of perspectives. It addresses the quality of human translation and machine translation, of pragmatic and literary translation, of translations done by students and by professional translators. Quality is not merely looked at from a linguistic point of view, but the wider context of QA in the translation workflow also gets ample attention.

The authors take an inductive approach: the papers are based on the analysis of translation data and/or on hands-on experience. The book provides a bird’s eye view of the crucial quality issues, the close collaboration between academics and industry professionals safeguarding attention for quality in the `real world’. For this reason, the methodological stance is likely to inspire the applied researcher. The analyses and descriptions also include best practices for translation trainers, professional translators and project managers.

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